New Dutch–German programme on green hydrogen

With a new €10 million programme, the Netherlands and Germany will strengthen their collaboration in the area of energy transition. Both countries face huge technological and economic challenges, having committed to attaining net zero CO2 emissions by 2045–2050. A joint research programme on green hydrogen and green electrons should help them achieve that goal. The focus of the programme is on hydrogen production, storage, transportation and applications.

Informatiesessie voor bedrijven over GroenvermogenNL

Informatiesessie bedrijven start groeifondsprogramma Groenvermogen NL Q1 2022 Wat? Informatiesessie voor bedrijven over GroenvermogenNL Wanneer? Maandag 1 november, 9:00 – 12:00 uur Voor wie? Voor bedrijfsleven in de sectoren energie, hightech en chemie …