DIFFER, the Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research, is seeking a Scientific Director/Director General

The Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER) is one of the nine research institutes
of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). DIFFER focuses on a multidisciplinary
approach to energy research, combining physics, chemistry, engineering, materials science and
computational science to enable the energy transition to a carbon neutral society. Our mission in short
is ‘Science for Future Energy’. The research is aligned in two themes: Fusion Energy (FE) and Solar Fuels
(SF). Within each theme, different groups develop their independent research while collaborating in
synergistic programmatic efforts.

Nuclear fusion is the energy source of our sun. We can and want to make this fusion process safe and
clean to use on earth as well. The Fusion Energy theme of DIFFER uses its leading and coordinating role
(as the single Dutch beneficiary of EUROfusion) to develop and execute a national research program
on nuclear fusion. The energy transition requires technology that allows large quantities of clean,
sustainable and dispatchable energy to be generated in compact power stations. Fusion energy could
satisfy this demand without the emission of greenhouse gases.

The Solar Fuels research theme, investigates the fundamental science that gover the use of renewable
energy to power the chemical conversion of molecular building blocks (H2O, CO2, N2, etc.) into carbon
neutral chemicals and fuels. As the national expertise institute DIFFER counsels the Dutch government
and coordinates – from a scientific standpoint – national contributions to the Netherlands Energy
Research Alliance (NERA), the Topsectors and the National Science Agenda (NWA).

The Institute is located on the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). DIFFER has about
150 employees and 100 guest researchers including interns. See also DIFFER’s Strategic Plan:

We are seeking a

Scientific Director/Director General

with an international reputation in the field of energy research. The director is well connected to the
international and national energy research community and has a clear vision of the future scientific
direction of energy research. The director has proven managerial skills at a research organization and
has the natural ability and authority to guide scientific and support staff. The director is a team player
and has a proven track record of leading international scientific research collaborations. The director
promotes diversity, is a strong communicator and has a keen eye for opportunities to connect science
with industry and society.

The director reports to the NWO Executive Board and assumes leadership over the Institute’s strategy,
science and operations. The director represents the Institute nationally and internationally and has a
leading role in acquiring and securing external funding. The director is pivotal in successfully connecting
science with industry and society. The directors of the institutes and NWO-I office together form a
collegial directors’ consultation and ensure the joint realisation of the NWO-I strategy.

Employment conditions
DIFFER offers a first class and international research environment with various interdisciplinary but
related research topics and projects. The director will be assigned for a term of 5 years with the intention
to extend the assignment with a second term, the employment contract will be for an indefinite period
of time.

The yearly fulltime salary (incl. holiday allowance of 8% and ‘end of year payment’ of 8.33%) will range
from € 102.700,- to € 136.300,- depending on experience (scale 18 in the Collective Labour Agreement
for research organizations). In addition NWO offers a flexible set of employee benefits including pension
benefits through the pension fund ABP.

Further information
The ‘NWO job interview code’ applies to this position. DIFFER strives to achieve a diverse workforce
to develop talent and creativity by bringing together different perspectives. As such we encourage
applications from women and minorities. Additional information about DIFFER can be obtained from
the DIFFER website https://www.differ.nl. Further information about the position can be obtained from
the members of the advisory appointment committee: prof.dr.ir. Jaap Schouten (chair: j.c.schouten@
nwo.nl or 06-28832713) or Liz van Dijk (secretary: l.vandijk@nwo.nl or 030-6001248, also for the full job

Application Procedure
Please address your application including a motivation letter and research statement, CV and list of
publications to the attention of Liz van Dijk-Schilt LLM by e-mail to solliciteren-nwoi@nwo.nl before
16 January 2020. Screening (selection assesment, submitting certificate of conduct) may be part of the