The ECCM Graduate School is back!

13 June–16 June 2023

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Witte Raaf, Duinweg 117, 2204 AT Noordwijk

The Graduate School is open to researchers from scientific institutes and companies alike, and strives for a balanced mix of participants.

What are the fees?
PhD students and postdocs: € 363*
Industrial participants and lectoren: € 726*
*This includes tax, meals, activities and accommodation.

How can I register?
There are only *50 places available, and pre-registeration closed on Friday 31 March 2023.
If you have pre-registered in time, we will get in touch about your participation before 15 April 2023.

*Should the number of pre-registrations exceed the available places, a selection will take place. This will strive for a healthy balance between industrial and academic participants and a representative geographical distribution. Priority will be given to researchers at their earlier career stages (PhDs versus postdocs) and candidates that have pre-registered early.

Programme (tentative). 

  • Marc Koper (University of Leiden), Fundamentals of Electrochemistry
  • Petra de Jongh (University of Utrecht), Electrodes and materials for electrochemical conversion
  • Amanda Garcia (University of Amsterdam), Marco Altomare (University of Twente), Best practices in electrochemistry
  • Earl Goetheer (HighTechXL), Scale-up of electrochemical processes: hurdles and opportunities
  • Rob Lammertink (University of Twente), Mass transport in electrochemical processes
  • Michele Tedesco (TNO/Wetsus), Ion exchange and bipolar membranes
  • Vincent Vivier (Sorbonne University), Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Rik Mom (University of Leiden), Ward van der Stam (University of Utrecht), X-ray and vibrational spectroscopy in electrochemistry
  • Antoni Forner Cuenca (Eindhoven University of Technology), Redox flow batteries: Fundamentals and challenges
  • Thijs de Groot (HyCC/Eindhoven University of Technology), Industrial water and chlor-alkali electrolysis
  • Frans van Berkel & Michiel Langerman (TNO), High Temperature Fuel Cells and Electrolysis: From Fundamentals to Application
  • Tom Burdyny (Delft University of Technology), Electrochemical CO2 conversion
  • Joost Reek (University of Amsterdam), Supramolecular approaches in solar to fuel devices based on molecular components
  • Andrea Ramirez (Delft University of Technology), System integration
  • Mattijs Slee (Battolyser Systems), A business perspective on electrochemistry in a net-zero world

Organizing committee

Amanda Garcia, Marco Altomare, Michele Tedesco

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