Ivo Wessels, VDL Energy Systems B.V., The Netherlands

Ivo Wessels (1969) is managing director of VDL Energy Systems B.V. since 2018. He  studied Mechanical Engineering in Enschede NL.

Started in engineering at Vredestein (car tyre company) introducing new product lines in high performance tires and new production equipment.

Worked in engineering at Philips to introduce the manufacturing of the 200 and 300mm waferstages of ASML. Since 2005 Ivo held several management positions at VDL ETG serving different high-tech markets like semiconductor and medical equipment.

From 2018 managing director of VDL Energy Systems (formal Siemens in Hengelo). Created a new future for the company and our colleagues by transferring it into the VDL organization structure and culture, implemented a new ERP, building a new premises and developed and implemented a new business strategy based on renewable energy.

Bringing the world of the high-tech mechatronics towards the energy sector to support the challenges of the CO2 reduction goals.