Netherlands conference on Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) 21 June 2019


Bernard Weninger, MSc (TU Delft)
Multi-controlled electrodes in Electrochemical Systems



Dr. Niels van der Laag (Siemens)
Large Scale PEM
Electrolysis for Industrial Applications

Dr. Amanda Garcia (TNO)
Challenges and advances in organic electrosynthesis: combining building blocks in electrochemical reactions.

 Dr. Thijs de Groot (Nouryon)
Making alkaline electrolyzersflexible

Dr. Elena Perez Gallant (TNO)
Electroreductionof CO2

Dr. Foteini Sapountzi (Syngaschem bv)
Zero-gap water electrolysers for storing electricity: current status and perspectives


Dr. Willem Haverkort (TU Delft)
The optimal electrode thickness and porosity

Dr. Andreas ten Cate (ISPT)
MW – GW – TW: Building the value chain for electrolysis-based large-scale production of sustainable hydrogen