Netherlands conference on Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) 21 June 2019


Dr. Okan Akin (RUG)
Kolbe Electrolysis of Levulinic Acid


Dr. Niels van der Laag (Siemens)
Large Scale PEM
Electrolysis for Industrial Applications

Dr. Amanda Garcia (TNO)
Challenges and advances in organic electrosynthesis: combining building blocks in electrochemical reactions.

 Dr. Thijs de Groot (Nouryon)
Making alkaline electrolyzersflexible

Dr. Elena Perez Gallant (TNO)
Electroreductionof CO2

Dr. Foteini Sapountzi (Syngaschem bv)
Zero-gap water electrolysers for storing electricity: current status and perspectives


Dr. Willem Haverkort (TU Delft)
The optimal electrode thickness and porosity

Dr. Andreas ten Cate (ISPT)
MW – GW – TW: Building the value chain for electrolysis-based large-scale production of sustainable hydrogen

Bernard Weninger, MSc (TU Delft)
Multi-controlled electrodes in Electrochemical Systems