Review ECCM conference June 29, 2018. What’s next?

Review ECCM conference June 29, 2018. What’s next?

The advisory committee for Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) looks back on an inspiring programme and overwhelming attendance (200+) for the ECCM conference on June 29th. This is a sign that step by step a true ECCM community is emerging, welcoming all stakeholders from the Energy, High Tech Systems & Materials and Chemistry sector. The sectors involved need to speak each other’s language. According to the committee, only then we can really develop and implement the promises of ECCM as a key enabling technology for the energy transition. The opening lecture by Dr Bertholt Leeftink (Director-General Enterprise & Innovation ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate Policy) has been published online. Also the opening lecture by the ECCM committee and the presentations are available online.

With ECCM the top sectors Energy, HTSM and Chemistry emphasize the required integrated approach. Yes, we need to produce sustainable hydrogen in a competitive manner and develop the required technology. This is at the core of ECCM. But according to the committee we should prevent to simplify the challenge to producing cheap sustainable hydrogen alone. The integration of hydrogen in our future energy system is crucial and very challenging as well. As is the use of renewable energy for driving our current energy consuming processes (conversion and storage), the socioeconomic acceptance of new technology and the governance of this huge effort in collaboration with local, national and foreign governments. And we need a governance in place to prioritize the most promising ECCM options. During the ECCM conference on June 29 key note speakers were invited to support in this prioritising. A conference proceeding on this will be published after summer.

By establishing an ECCM community, the ECCM committee is following up on the recommendation of the government to work towards a knowledge platform on ECCM. The first tangible initiatives under ECCM umbrella are formed. Initiatives which are interconnected, and which are aligned across the development chain:

  • ECCM Tenure Track programme (TRL 1-3)
    NWO call (M€ 7) for tenure track (TT) positions in ECCM with start–up packages. Launch October 2018 (tentative)
  • Faraday lab (TNO/ECN/VoltaChem) (TRL 3-5)
    Pilot facilities (M€ 6,6) for PEM and Solid Oxide fuel cell development.
  • MW test center under development (ISPT) (TRL 4-7)
    Test center (M€ 4-6) to support technology development of water electrolysis.
  • Consortia under development (TRL 1-7)
    National coordinator on behalf of the ECCM committee, prof. Paulien Herder (TU Delft).

The committee will further explore and advice the government on how to join stakeholders in a national innovation programme connected to a mission, covering TRL 1-9.

The committee is looking forward to jointly contribute to the challenges ahead, joining expertise and technology in ECCM. The ECCM committee will follow-up on this in future meetings in due course. For any questions, recommendations and afterthoughts, don’t hesitate to contact the secretariat via

ECCM committee July 2018